Open for Business!

Star Wars Tech SupportGreetings to all, my name is Braulio R. Urbina and I am open as of now to provide my services as a Tech Support consultant to everyone in the Tampa/St. Petersburg. My About page provides the details of my qualifications as well as the speciffic services provided.

For more information:

Phone: (813) 730-9803


Married Life

Kim & Brau

One of our many happy days.

Though I am no longer married I decided to keep this picture up as a reminder. Kimberly helped make me the man I am today and if I am a better husband in the future it will have been because of her. It has been an arduous journey to accept the end of our time together but I have decided to hold on only to my gratefulness at everything I learned and the good that we lived together. She still continues to put a smile on my face and hopefully we will be able to continue our friendship at some point as she has been above all, the best one I’ve had. ❤

Maiden Launch of Blog Posts

Welcome to the official launch of my very own Stark Industries blog. This is to be the first of a line of posts I intend to make periodically though not consistently due to strains on my schedule. Posts would be of a varied nature though my love for Iron Man will be a recurring theme, if only as a backdrop to the main theme of the post. I hope it proves to be an enjoyable blog to follow, any comments are welcome. Good day to all and happy browsing!